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3-Wheel Basic Rider Course

If you are interested in experiencing a Can-Am Spyder for the first time, want to know more about the handling differences between a 2-wheel and 3-wheel vehicle, or you already ride a 3-wheeler but have never had formal instruction or information about the dynamics of the Vehicle Stability System (VSS) and/or tested the ABS limits then this class is for you!


We provide a Can-Am Spyder for each student's use.

The 3-Wheel Course Experience

1 Day / 8 Hours

  • 3 hours of classroom discussion
  • 5 hours of on-bike practice in a controlled, parking lot setting

In the Classroom

Discover the Basics

Your day begins in the classroom learning the skills required to ride a 3 wheel vehicle and the dynamics of the Can-Am Spyder. We will explore in-depth the techniques for managing the risks of riding an open air vehicle on the road and the unique technology built into the Can-Am Spyder. The information and pace is suitable for 1st time riders even if you've never ridden a bike or trike before.

On the Riding Range

Build Confidence and Skill

We'll follow a series of range exercises designed to build your confidence and skill as we progress from basic maneuvers to techniques you can use on the street. We will conclude with a skill test for you to assess your own abilities.

* All times are approximate

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So Cal Motorcycle Training 3-Wheel Course San Bernardino
3-Wheel Course San Bernardino

What You Will Need

  • A current driver's license (car) from any state, or similar DMV identification.
  • Helmet 3/4 or full face style (we can provide if needed)
  • Eye protection (face shield, glasses or sunglasses)
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants with no holes or tears
  • Boots or sturdy over-the-ankle footwear
  • Full-fingered gloves (leather or motorcycle specific)
  • SUGGESTED: Water, snacks, hat, sunscreen, etc.

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