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To register for an Refresher Training (RFSH) class go here: Register for an RFSH 

RFSH Course overview and requirements:
Refresher Training is four hours of riding on the rider’s own motorcycle. The purpose of the course is to provide experienced riders with some fine tuning of their skills on their own motorcycle and to encourage them to seek additional training to improve survivability.

Riders must be licensed with a motorcycle endorsement on their license. In addition to a license, the rider must present their motorcycle registration and proof of insurance.

Your motorcycle will be subject to the Instructor's inspection. Included in the inspection will be the tires, chassis, suspension, controls and final drive assembly. Proof of motorcycle registration and insurance is required.

Classes will start on time. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early.

You will NOT be permitted to participate in class without proper protective riding gear. Come prepared. Conditions permitting, we will ride rain or shine. It is recommended that you bring water and a snack, sunscreen, rain gear, and a change of clothes.

  1. Valid Insurance Card and Registration for the motorcycle you will be using for class
  2. FULL FINGERED GLOVES, closed back with no holes in them
  3. EYE PROTECTION including shields, sunglasses, goggles, or glasses
  4. JACKET or sturdy long sleeved top
  5. LONG PANTS preferably jeans or leather with no tears or holes. Pants must reach the foot
  6. BOOTS or shoes that cover the ankle that have little to no heel
Motorcycle specific gear is strongly recommended 

The training provider is not responsible for damages to your motorcycle or equipment as a result of use during the course. You are solely responsible.

Refund Policy: 
This is a non-refundable course. Failure to appear to any portion of the class, failure to arrive on time to any portion of the course, arrival at classroom without all the required documentation, or arrival at the range without the proper gear will result in the forfeiture of course tuition.