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Are you already a rider? Are your skills beyond the basics and you desire to take your riding to the next level?
We have two options available for you:
1 = The IRC Intermediate Riding Clinic is open to all MTC graduates who have their own motorcycles to use during the course.
2 = The ARCL1 Advanced Rider Course Level 1 is open to all licensed motorcyclists who have at least 3000 miles of street riding experience and who have their own motorcycles to use during the course.

To register for an IRC class go here:
Register for an IRC

To register for an ARCL1 class go here:
Register for an ARCL1

To register for an ARCL2 class go here:
Register for an ARCL2

IRC and ARC Course overview and requirements:
In the IRC you will learn the critical information and skills to make you better, more knowledgeable and a safer rider. This important next step in rider training will focus on better control of your motorcycle including: maximum braking, swerving and cornering skills. These key elements will provide considerable skill improvements and really boost your confidence out on the road.
Our dynamic classroom sections include: maximizing traction management, how to choose proper lines through the turns as well as the psychological aspects of motorcycling like overcoming fear, keeping your
concentration and having the right attitude. This fun and exciting class will put a smile on your face and give you a whole new perspective for your next ride.

In the ARCL1 cornering technique is the primary focus. Individual skills include throttle control, throttle/brake transitions, vision, line selection, body position and suspension setup. There are slightly different versions of these depending on the type of bike ridden but all follow same philosophical principles that are taught in the course. It is a requirement that you have 3,000 miles of street riding experience to take this course.

Your motorcycle will be subject to the Instructor’s inspection. Proof of motorcycle registration and insurance is required.

Please review the requirements below for a great experience!

- Well maintained street motorcycle. Motorcycles that do not meet the minimum safety requirements will not be permitted in class.
a. Tires should have sufficient tread (at least 3mm). Air pressure will be checked before the class starts. Absolutely NO race, race compound tires or car tires regardless if they are DOT approved.
b. Your bike should be able to perform satisfactorily in hot weather and not overheat while stopped with the motor running.
c. On liquid cooled bikes, check your coolant before attending class.
d. Check your oil level before attending class.
e. Your charging system must function properly and a relatively new battery is highly recommended because you will be starting the bike frequently.
f. Make sure your brakes are in good working order.

- DOT-approved helmet (full face recommended)
- Sturdy over the ankle boots, riding boots recommended
- EYE PROTECTION including face shield, sunglasses, goggles, or glasses
- Full-fingered street motorcycle-specific gloves or full length durable leather gloves
- Motorcycle specific jacket required
- Durable jeans, chaps, leathers, or motocross pants

You will NOT be permitted to participate in riding sessions without proper protective riding gear.

Be on location 30 minutes prior to class to get you checked in. We will start class promptly.

There will be a lunch break. We suggest you bring plenty of drinks and snacks.

Conditions permitting, we will ride rain or shine.
- Prepare for the weather (sunscreen, sunglasses, rain gear, snacks and drinks)
- Have a great attitude

The training provider is not responsible for damages to your motorcycle or equipment as a result of use during the course. You are solely responsible.